Bose QuietComfort 45 Best Wireless Headphone

Bose QuiteComfort 45

Hello friends, today we are taking you into this world of audio excellence with Bose QuiteComfort 45 Best Wireless Headphones. If you are looking for a best Wireless headphone then this article is going to be very beneficial for you because we have a lot of material available to talk about this topic. Design and … Read more

boat airdopes 141 review : Best dive into sound

boat airdopes 141 review

Boat airdopes 141 review In the article we will try to give complete information about the boat airdopes 141. If you are completely new then let us tell you what it means wireless earphone.Also called TWS Earbuds or Airdopes.It is totally wireless, there is no wire of any kind, which makes it easy for you to … Read more

What is ENC in earbuds or Environmental Noise Cancellation in earbuds?

What is ENC in earbuds

To satisfy your curiosity, we tell you that,What is ENC in earbuds? Actually there is an environmental noise cancellation in which external noise is reduced.Due to which the person on the phone hears your voice clearly, which gives a good experience. In the following article, we will know how ENC is different from ANC. What … Read more

4 reasons why TWS is uncomfortable?

Why TWS Uncomfortable

In this virtual world, Tws has become a part of the body. 4 reasons why TWS is uncomfortable? In the era of social media and work from home, this has become a big practice due to which the trend of tws earbud has increased a lot. why TWS is uncomfortable? Yes, There are some important … Read more

Is TWS worth buying in 2024?

Is Tws Worth Buying 2023

Nowadays, TWS is a very popular device among the people of all age groups and people are going crazy for it but the question is that Is TWS worth buying?Let us tell you the exact and correct answers to your questions in this article. what is TWS? TWS means true wireless stereo i.e. earphones without … Read more