How to wear earphones without hurting my ears?

Hi friends,”How to wear earphones without hurting my ears.?” Welcome to this blog post.In this article we will tell you How to avoid damage to your ears.

Today, at some point of time, almost every one of us would use earphone or earbuds in our life,but most of us do not know how to use them.knowingly or unknowingly they do not know that their earphones.

Don’t worry your search is over here.

Don’t push overly inside

Apart from being fair and black, every human being is also tall, wide or fat and thin, due to which everyone’s body parts are different from each other.

Due to which ear canals may differ from each other, due to which every earphone may not fit for everyone, some’s ear canals may be thick and some’s thin.

How to wear earphones without hurting my ears?

Hence the use of air phone While using, do not force your earphones or earphones into your ears as this may damage your ears.

Open your jaw

The structure of our ears is quite complex. It is made up of a lot of muscles and bones, due to which it should not be applied with excessive pressure while fitting the ear.

While inserting the earbud, you should open the jaw of your mouth and then insert your ear bud inside it.

After you have inserted it, then close your mouth.

Use correct ear tips

While buying earbud, most of the people look at what we are getting with it for less money whereas what we should look at is which earbud is of good quality and it fits in our ear canals.

We do not have to get fooled by schemes. Whenever we buy earbuds or earphones, we will keep the above mentioned things in mind.

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If it still hurts, try headphones

Apart from all this, if your problem is not being solved then one option is headphone.

You can protect your ears from getting damaged by using headphones.many strings in the market Headphones are available.

You can buy them according to your budget but try harder to buy good quality headphones.

Because good quality headphones provide good sound due to which you will not get bored of listening to anything.


Finally, “How to wear earphones without hurting my ears?” in this block post, we learned that while purchasing earbud or earphone, it is necessary to check whether its fitting is correct or not, which has been explained in detail in the above article.

Always use the volume while listening. Try not to use the earphones continuously for a long time.If you have to listen to anything for a long time then try listening without earphones.


how can i use earbuds without damaging my ears?

While purchasing the earbuds, pay attention to whether it fits into your ear canal or not. Do not push it forcefully inside the ear.

How can I protect my ears with earphones?

Use only good quality earphones for the production of your ears and always keep in mind not to listen for a long time and at high volume.

What’s the Right Way to Use Earbuds?

Airport, the best way to do this is that while buying, you should see whether they fit in your ears or not, if they fit then only buy them.
According to doctor one should not listen to anything at volume above 60%

Are earbuds bad for your ears?

If you insert the earphones or earbuds properly then it is safe.But if in your ears If there is itching or pain in your ears, infection or any other symptom, then you should immediately consult your ear doctor.

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