4 reasons why TWS is uncomfortable?

In this virtual world, Tws has become a part of the body. 4 reasons why TWS is uncomfortable? In the era of social media and work from home, this has become a big practice due to which the trend of tws earbud has increased a lot.

why TWS is uncomfortable?

Yes, There are some important reasons due to which TWS is uncomfortable for us like Mic, Battery life, Caring etc.

Following are some of the reasons why it is uncomfortable :

  • Need of caring- Since there is no wire in the TWS, if there is even a slight movement of the head, the possibility of falling is highest. which increases the possibility of getting lost and can be heavy on your pocket.
  • Mic –The sound quality is a bit weak due to the mic being at the back.
  • Battery – In order to reduce the weight, the battery is given smaller, due to which its battery life gets reduced.

Earbuds without ear tips.

Any earphones, Tws earbuds or neckband that does not have ear tips is uncomfortable.There are many companies which manufacture tws earbud without ear tips and they are easily available in the market.

We buy them which this is due to lack of information, then they cause trouble.

That’s why while buying an earbud, we should pay attention to whether it has ear tips yes or not.

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Earbuds that are weighty

why TWS is Uncomfortable?


Some earbud are a little heavy in weight due to which we find them uncomfortable, because the size of the battery is a little bigger.

This is so that you can get better battery life and your earbud can work a little longer.

The increase in pressure due to its weight causes pain in the ear canal, due to which we may have to face some discomfort.

However, using the earbud for a short period of time will not cause any problems.You should avoid using it for long periods of time. Use the earbud as much as possible.

Using less will reduce the risk of hearing loss.This is the reason that why TWS is uncomfortable?

Cheap earbuds with terrible sound quality

Nowadays, Due to competition in the market, companies are trying to bring cheaper earbuds in the market due to which their quality is decreasing.

Earbuds are available for less than $10 whereas earlier this was not the case.Now it has become a challenge for the companies to limit the cost of licensing etc.

By using Mic, Processor in such a cheap earbuds that they can also make some profit.

Yes, they also increase your chances of getting ear and headache problems.

Poor battery life

The biggest problem in the earbud is battery.If you are always going to travel then earbud is not right for you.

For this you have to repeatedly remove the earbud from your ears and charge it, which is a big problem.

My advice for travelers is that you should use wire earphones so that you can solve all the charging problems.


Everyone has their own opinion, some like earbuds, some like earphones, some like headphones.

so my advice would be that you can choose as per your choice.All the factors mentioned above make the Earbud uncomfortable.

why TWS is uncomfortable? I think you must have got the answer to this question.Along with this, you need to do some research before buying which type of earphones is right for you.


Are earbuds bad for your ears?

If you listen to it in low volume then the chances of causing harm are less but if you keep it on at high volume and for a long time listen music then it is harmful.

Why do I feel weird after using earbuds?

Using it for a long time leads to such problems.Due to this, the earwax in your ears becomes hard which can cause problems like ear infections, tinnitus etc.

Can I use earphones for 8 hours a day?

Although there is no rule of listening continuously for 8 hours in a day, but if you really need it then you can use by giving rest to the ears in between.

What is the 60 60 rule?

“60:60 rule Means maximum value should be 60% and listening for 60 minutes a day.” Listening to music more than this means you can lose your hearing permanently.

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